The chimpanzee is an intelligent creature, capable of solving simple problems.

Debbie broke down when he heard the bad news.

I haven't spoken with him since the incident.


Ima never told me where he went to school.

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We will have to put off the soccer game because of the bad weather.


I want to get my life back together.


I like three day weekends.


Jesper looks inquisitive.

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I have no wish to harm you.

I'm at my wit's end with this difficult problem.

I want to thank everyone for helping me out today.

That is the fastest car.

Everyone's pretty shaken up.

Marika is Finnish but she speaks German just like the Germans.

When the lion roars, the zebras tremble.


We are not to be disturbed.

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I knew better than to ask questions.

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This is a powerful laser.

All future meetings will be held in this room.

I think I know where Brandi is.


You didn't actually see anything, did you?


The rumor had no foundation in fact.

Massive amounts of carbon dioxide are generated every day.

Can I pay by credit card?

I didn't know you could juggle.

What did you and Shatter talk about this morning?

He retired to his own room after supper.

That one usually works.


I'm reading an interesting book.

This sentence isn't in English.

It shouldn't take much longer.

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I'm glad you didn't call me.

Monty has been crying all night.

Bill turned on the television.


I think that I want to apply for the job in the advertisement.

Sid wanted to become a sign language interpreter.

I raced him a mile.

I saw you in the show yesterday.

I would be very grateful if you would help me.

We danced in the subdued lighting.

She leaned against his shoulder.

We have a good government and all the people have the freedom.

They all died.

The hardest part of language learning is remembering vocabulary.

What is your idea?

The cottage looked as if nobody were living in it.

Dan didn't fulfill his duty.


I took her arm.

Let's compare his work with hers.

My daughter likes Bill.


I was not scolding you.

I was in the ninth grade last year.

If you have done with that book, I'd like to have it.

I just tried to stay focused.

We owe you our lives.

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This is a direct broadcast from the Showa theater.


I'll notify her.

What foreign language do you study in your school?

When I was in school, I really hated writing essays.


I asked the lawyer to make out my will.

I'll give him a hand.

One day, as he was hunting deer in the forest, the prince came upon a maiden bathing in a clear pool.

The guilty fear the law, the innocent fortune.

You can drink water, but you can also let it walk.

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What did you end up doing?

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Linda clicked a button on his remote, but nothing happened.

You're a beautiful young woman.

She suddenly fell silent.


The exam is easy.

I'm afraid this sounds like a demand, but could you return the money I lent you the other day?

Research in Motion announced the layoff of 2000 employees and a restructuring of the company.

Change comes.

I write poetry in my leisure time.


I don't need your answer now, you can sleep on it and come back in a few days.


She left school two years ago.

It's hard to handle crying babies.

Turkish is a Turkic language.

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I sometimes just don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

It's going to be frustrating.

Bring me my glasses.

Johnny knew who I was trying to find.

You can't see him.

He went to France not so much for sightseeing as for observation.

She wore an incredibly low-cut, breathtakingly nice dress.

What are you searching for?

The leaves look fresh in the rain.

I don't have time to argue with you; I'm preparing the food.

Casper just does what he's told to do.

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He promised that he would never lie again.

It's possible he will spend more time in Hainan.

The protesters set many cars on fire.

I cannot pinpoint what went wrong.

I am going to my friend's house.

I'm sorry, my mother's not at home.

We want a man who knows what the score is.

The subject of the lecture is already determined.

He worked too hard and destroyed his health.


I wish Hirotoshi was here to explain.

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I thought you might quit.

Due to the bad weather, the plane was ten minutes late.

He may become jealous.


Saule, give the drum.

Go and find the driver who arrived here yesterday.

I am not a paper cup.


It is rumored that this house is inhabited by a demon.

Please, tell him for once.

What are you suing Dan for?

Don't ruin our fun.

It has been two years since he came to Japan.


Young people like his books.


'We have driven fast!' said she, 'but no one likes to be frozen; creep under my bear-skin,' and she seated him in the sledge by her side, and spread her cloak around him.

I've tried that already.

They adapted themselves to the change quickly.

I'd like a kilogram of sugar, too.

If Kyosuke comes to visit, tell him I'm not in. I don't want to see him anymore.

It is easy to answer this question.

I want a piece of cake.


The cat pressed its nose against the window.

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The weather was going from bad to worse.

I thought I heard a scream.

I'm not in a very good mood.

Why are you procrastinating?

She knows the news better than her father.

Scot was aware of the danger.

Annie would do anything for his sister, Julian.


Tales like Cinderella are very widespread in China, Japan, and other countries of the world.

She carried that habit to her grave.

I could hear Helge crying on the phone.

I felt very safe.

Jesus hasn't painted his house yet.

You have to do it yourself.

I did not understand him at all.


One way to deal with him is to let him think his own way.

I am great.

Waste not, want not.

Now let's go.

I like this school.


Striking differences existed between the two boys.

He popped a balloon besides my ear and I was really scared.

Do you have some buttermilk?

I couldn't bear it.

Bonnie threatened to leave if he didn't get a raise.

Randy had the place to himself.

You did a very fine job! I take my hat off to you.

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Edmund didn't even cry.

Death is preferable to such suffering.

If you want to come over, call first.

We love him.

Is she coming, too?


I sold a book.

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I particularly noticed one young woman of humble dress, but interesting demeanor.


I don't eat.

I consider her an honest woman.

Chen is not Korean.


How soon do we have to leave?


I have bought those sun glasses in the Netherlands.